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How to spot a fake news reporter

Fox News’ Erin Burnett, John Roberts, and Steve Doocy talk about fake news.They discuss the new Fox News Digital News section, fake news in sports, fake reporters in the news, and more.Free View in iTunes

How to watch live basketball broadcasts online for free

Live basketball broadcasts are becoming increasingly popular on the internet.Now, with the rise of the internet, viewers are able to stream their favorite games online for $4 a month.We’re not talking about the old fashioned way, either.Here are some of the best live basketball streams you can watch online for

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How to get your own live satellite channel with Google TV

Google TV is rolling out live satellite broadcasting for local news and entertainment channels in the U.S. and Canada.This week, Google is rolling it out in the UK, with local news channels like Channel 4 and Channel 5 already being available.The news channels are now available in the Google app,

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