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This is our curling video for you

This is Curling’s live stream.You can watch the video on the main page of Reddit, or on the subreddit for curling.To watch the live stream, click the link in the lower right corner of this page.To see what’s new from this week, check out our Curling news blog.If you’re having

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ABC News’ Andrew Wright says he doesn’t think we’re getting close to finding out how many times Trump tweets before he tweets out a tweet

Andrew Wright: “I think the more we look at the way he tweets and what he tweets, it seems to be an attempt to make his tweets sound like they’re going to be in his own mouth and then to actually deliver it, which I think is very, very problematic.”ABC

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KSFF: KSFE boss to quit as head coach in April 2019

KSFU coach Algirdas Kalas has announced his retirement from coaching after four years.The KSF chief announced on Twitter on Friday that he will step down from his position in April 2020.In a statement, the KSF president said: “I have decided to step down in the middle of April 2020 from

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