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Why is the Moon so hot? Part 2

KOMO LIVE VIDEO A view of the surface of the Moon, taken by a Russian spacecraft during its latest mission to the surface.The spacecraft is a new Russian spacecraft named KOMOSAT-2.This video was taken on May 14, 2018.It shows the lunar surface at sunset.This view of an area where NASA’s

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When it comes to ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Scooby-Doo’ and ‘The Dark Knight,’ Disney is in a ‘new golden age’

With the launch of Disney’s new streaming service, it’s a time to be proud.As a fan of The Simpsons, I’ve loved every season.And the animated feature film is the one that has consistently kept me coming back.This summer, however, it seems like Disney will be focusing on something entirely different,

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NASA’s ‘biggest’ news conference in decades: The agency unveils big data analysis program

NASA has launched a major new push to make the science community more data-driven, and that includes a new live stream of its Science Friday webinar series, according to the agency’s website.The webinar, titled “Science Fridays: Big Data Analytics,” was designed to help scientists make the best use of data

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