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Pogba to leave Paris Saint-Germain after just two seasons

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has decided to leave the French club PSG after just one season.The Manchester United striker will become the first European footballer to leave a club in his second season, according to reports in France. “PSG have asked me to leave,” Ibrahimovic told French newspaper L’Equipe.“I have not decided yet.”Ibrahimovic

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How to be gay and a 49ers fan at the same time

With the 49ers’ upcoming trip to Seattle, we’re back to covering some of the key moments in the team’s tumultuous history.This week, we look at the 49er players who played with and against each other on that journey, and the gay fan who had to watch from the sidelines.

Why did the Russian president go to Syria?

Russia has said it will send ground troops to Syria to help the government defend itself against a new wave of rebel fighters, the first significant deployment since President Vladimir Putin signed a new law that allowed Russia to arm and train opposition fighters in Syria last month.The move was

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