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How to be a good Catholic in America

When we talk about the Catholic Church, we’re talking about two kinds of people: the faithful and the non-follower.Catholicism, after all, is a faith that claims that faith should be shared and celebrated.But the truth is, most of us are in the latter category.This week, the church is facing a

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Trump to host inaugural ceremony on Twitter live stream from Washington, DC

President Donald Trump will host an inaugural ball for the nation’s first women-led inaugural parade on Twitter on Sunday, according to the White House.Trump tweeted Sunday afternoon that he would host a live stream of the inaugural parade from the Capitol Building.The president tweeted that he will be in the

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Why did Donald Trump call Donald Trump live? – 6abc live stream

LIVE FROM DALLAS: Trump will be the keynote speaker at a Donald Trump Inauguration Ceremony.The event is being hosted by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the former Republican presidential candidate himself.Ahead of the ceremony, Trump told the crowd at a rally that he will be watching the parade, but

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