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Cubs’ Ryan McMahon on trade, the bullpen, and a ‘new beginning’

By Emily GreenfieldPosted November 08, 2018 11:50:56Chicago Cubs right fielder Ryan McMahon has joined the Arizona Diamondbacks on a minor league deal.The Diamondbacks announced the move Monday afternoon.McMahon, 24, played for the Diamondbacks in 2017 and had a .290 average with 14 home runs and 49 RBIs in 68 games.The

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How to watch Cubs live broadcast on the BBC website

Here’s how to watch the Cubs live on theBBC website:Follow the BBC’s live coverage of the World Series on Twitter or like them on Facebook.The BBC’s Twitter account has been flooded with comments from fans about how the network has treated them.One viewer wrote: “WTF.The Cubs won the World Championship,

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How to make your own pom-poms

You don’t need a pom pom to make a fun and tasty meal.However, some people are obsessed with making their own poms.And with these simple ingredients, you can have a pomegranate-sized batch that tastes delicious.Here are the basics: 1) Place the pomegras in a large bowl.2) Add a pinch of

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