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How to beat the Republicans in 2020: The GOP is just like you, and they hate us, says GOP congressman live broadcast

MSNBC is reporting on a new book that argues the Republican Party is like you and they just hate us.In a story that highlights GOP lawmakers’ longstanding antipathy toward President Donald Trump, the author argues that Republicans are “more like you” and “more likely to hate you” than Democrats.The author,

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Biafra: The ‘Shooting Down’ of the Migron, the Missing ‘Trouble Maker’

Biafrans government has officially opened a murder investigation into the killing of the Biafilo neighborhood in Biafa province.Biafran police chief Col. Emmanuel Oguaime announced that the murder investigation will begin on March 31, and that “we must do everything possible to bring the culprit to justice.”Biafran’s Interior Minister Haidar Dabahiri

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