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Aussie Government to set up $1.2B program to help pay for NBN rollout

AUSTRALIA’S RETIREMENT RETIREMENTS REFORM COMMISSION has unveiled a $1 billion plan to fund the NBN rollout, and is now seeking public submissions for a report on its findings.Key points:The NBN will replace copper lines, but will require a new technology called fibre to the node to connect to the InternetSource:

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How do you get a new car? Here’s how you do it in a new video

You’re thinking about buying a new vehicle?Well, you might have to spend a little bit of time getting ready.But, if you’re not prepared for what you’re going to be getting, it might not be the best time to buy a car.Here’s how to do it.1.Take a look at your car’s

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Why are the Dallas Stars losing so much?

Now Playing: How the NBA’s new salary cap will affect free agency Now Playing, NBA commissioner says he wants to see more players leave Now Playing Trump threatens NFL with ‘slam dunk’ lawsuit Now Playing New York City Mayor calls for new gun controls Now Playing ‘Bachelor’ stars ‘bully’ on

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