A hacker is trying to kill Facebook Live live feed

Hacker News users have posted images and video of the hack, which is targeting the live feed of Facebook.

Facebook is not currently aware of the incident and says it is working to fix the issue.

Facebook Live is the live stream from the Facebook website that you can use to see other people’s posts, as well as posts from the people you follow.

Facebook has been working to improve its live stream since a number of problems with live streaming and video sharing emerged in 2015.

In July 2016, Facebook’s live video platform was removed from the app store.

But the company added a new feature called Live Feed Sharing, which allows you to upload videos and images directly to Facebook and then share them on Facebook.

Now, people can upload videos to Facebook Live from anywhere on the Internet, including Facebook’s own app, WhatsApp.

A hacker known as @_b0ss has also posted several videos on Twitter showing his attempts to kill Live Feed sharing on the social network.

The hacker posted the video on Saturday, which he then uploaded to Instagram and YouTube.

The video shows a black laptop in a photo of a hacker wearing a mask and holding a hammer.

The hacking attempts are being blamed on an unnamed hacker who is targeting Facebook, but there are no details as to who the hacker is.

The Hacker News user who posted the image on Saturday also posted a video showing him using a fake Facebook login to login to Facebook.

The user said he was also using a mask to disguise his identity.

“The whole thing was pretty simple.

It’s the same thing you’re seeing right now, but in this case I was pretending to be a Facebook user,” the user said.

“And then the moment I was on Facebook, I went into Live Feed.”

The user also said he had a fake account, but said that he still believed he was Facebook’s user.

“My account was still live.

I was still on the same page with people, but the real Facebook was gone.

So I was in the same space as the real people,” the person said.

He added that the hack was not affecting Facebook Live users who were watching videos.

“I don’t think this is going to affect the real live feed,” he said.

Facebook confirmed the hack on Saturday.

Facebook Twitter account said the hack had affected Live Feed but did not provide any details.

The hack has been posted to Hacker News several times.

The hacked account has posted more than 30 videos since its discovery, and the videos were edited in order to appear to be from the hacker.

Facebook said it is aware of some of the videos and is working with law enforcement to help track down the hacker, who is believed to be located in China.

“We are aware of several videos that appear to show the actions of the attacker in China, and we have a team in place to help protect our users,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.

The official said the hacker has posted several messages to the hacker’s Twitter account that are apparently from the same person.


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