“We’re going to take the heat”: Media on Trump’s plan to shut down #JupiterNetwork

A growing number of outlets, including the Associated Press, are taking Trump to task for not taking a firm stance on shutting down the station. 

“We’re not going to let him shut down the network.

It’s just going to be another week of the president going around in circles,” the AP’s Ed O’Keefe tweeted Thursday morning.

“It’s going to hurt his chances of getting reelected, which is not the point.”

The AP is one of several outlets, such as NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, and CNN, to publicly express their displeasure with Trump’s plans to shuttered the station, with NBC’s John Santucci calling Trump’s move “a bad idea.”

The network’s New York-based editor in chief, Mark Thompson, tweeted that the station is “in crisis” and will need to “do a lot of soul searching.”

The AP’s chief Washington correspondent, Jennifer Epstein, also expressed her disapproval of Trump’s decision to shut off the network, saying it “could end up costing us jobs, jobs in other industries.”

The station is owned by the Walt Disney Company and is the most-watched television network in the U.S. in terms of total viewers, according to Nielsen.

The station has a strong following in the country and a loyal following among Americans, but it has a long history in television news and is known for its partisan tone.

In fact, the station’s hosts regularly sparred with one another in the early 2000s, with host Bill O’Reilly saying, “I think it’s time for the American public to see who’s in charge of Fox News.”

A few months later, Trump took a shot at the network in a tweet, saying that he will not “take the heat” for shutting down Jupiter Broadcasting.

This is not a bad idea.

We’re not shutting down our flagship news channel, it’s simply the only news channel that matters to millions of Americans.

This will be an ongoing struggle, but let’s make this clear.

It will hurt his prospects of getting elected, which isn’t the point.

This is not about him, this is about Fox News.

#JUWCastingLive pic.twitter.com/p6zYqYf6d1 — Ed O’thok (@edothok) January 29, 2021The station’s founder, Mark K. White, has previously said that he believes the network has “been unfairly maligned by some of our viewers” and that he does not believe the news media “deserves to be treated like this.”

White has also said that his “political views are not his strong suit.”

White has also spoken out against Trump on Twitter, saying in an interview that he “is not a politician.”

White was asked to respond to White’s comments during an interview with the AP this week, and he did not say whether or not he believed the president’s comments.

White has previously tweeted about the importance of the station and its journalists, calling out Trump for “the way he treats our journalists.”

White wrote, “It really is a disgrace to our country that the president of the United States treats our reporters like trash.

He has no respect for the truth.”

White, who joined the network last year, previously wrote on Twitter that he would not “get caught up in the politics of the day” and would instead focus on the network’s “fair and balanced reporting.”

White also tweeted that he felt it was important for viewers to know who “has the biggest platform in the world to tell the truth, and who is the guy who makes all the big deals.”


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