Which WWE star is a new birth live broadcast?

Live broadcasts are not new, but the live launch of the WWE’s brand new WWE Network has made it a little easier for fans to get to know the stars behind the mic.

Here’s what you need to know.

The launch of WWE Network’s live broadcast is live on WWE.com/live from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m ET.

The network is expected to have an estimated 1.6 million subscribers.

Here are the five stars that are likely to be announcing their live broadcast:Seth Rollins, WWE Hall of FamerThe former Superstar will be appearing alongside WWE Hall-of-Famer Mick Foley.

Rollins has been involved with WWE for decades, and he has worked as a trainer and commentator.

Rollins is a former champion of the world.

He has won the WWE Championship four times and has been inducted into the WWE Hall and WWE Hall Of Fame.

He’s the third-longest-tenured wrestler in the history of the company.

His first match was against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania X-Seven, when Rollins beat Hogan to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rollins, who wrestled in WWE’s Cruiserweight Championship tournament from 1995-1999, became a three-time world champion in 2000 and 2011.

He is the longest-serving wrestler in WWE history.

Rollins wrestled the first two weeks of the tournament.

The new addition to the roster is former WWE Champion AJ Styles, who has been wrestling professionally since 2011.

Styles wrestled for WWE for the first three years of his career, before he was fired in 2015.

Styles has also been a mainstay on WWE television.

He wrestled three matches in the Cruiserweight Classic tournament in 2017.

The rest of the stars announced during the live broadcast are:Tyson Kidd, World Heavy-weight Champion The former World Champion, Tyson Kidd, is an American-born wrestler.

He was part of the first WWE championship team in 1996, and won the World Championship four more times.

He lost a title match to The Rock in 1997.

The Rock was also in the main event of the inaugural WrestleMania.

Kidd is one of the greatest stars of all-time, and has won more championships than any other man.

He also is the second-longstash in WWE Hall, behind Ric Flair.

He defeated Bret Hart to win a second title in 2001.

The next live WWE Network broadcast is scheduled for April 16 at 6:30 p.M. ET.


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