How to Get the Most Out of Google Now: What To Do

If you’re already on the Android device, there’s a lot to do on the Google Now home screen.

If you don’t know where to start, here are the steps you’ll need to follow.1.

Make sure your home screen is unlocked2.

Select the Apps tab3.

Tap on the home button to see a list of your favorite apps, and then tap the app you want4.

In the Google Play app store, search for a specific app to get to the app and download it to your phone5.

On the home screen, tap the gear icon in the top right corner to bring up the settings screen6.

In Settings, tap on the Show advanced options button7.

Tap On a button to open the app drawer and select the icon next to the Show Advanced options button8.

Now tap the More button in the lower right corner of the Google home screen to open a list.

In that list, tap Settings again to bring back the previous settings9.

Tap the gear next to Show advanced settings to bring the Advanced options menu to the top10.

Under Advanced options, tap Enable predictive updates, and enable it.11.

Tap Show advanced screen settings to open Google Now settings and enable the option to set your home as your default screen.12.

When you’re finished, you’ll be presented with a new screen called Welcome to Google Now.

Here, you can add apps and widgets, and you can set your default home screen as your home.13.

The new home screen has a few different icons and a few new options, but the one you need to know the most is the Play Store icon.

It’s located in the bottom left corner.14.

To see it, tap Play Store and then select the Play icon in any app.

To get to that icon, just swipe up from the bottom right corner.15.

Tap Play icon to open up the Play store.16.

From there, tap anywhere on the screen to see an overview of all your apps and the widgets that you can buy with Play Store money.17.

On this screen, you will also see your recently used apps and recently added apps.18.

To check your recently added Apps, tap a check mark to bring you back to the home page.19.

Tap Apps to see all your installed apps and add them to your home home screen widget.20.

When your apps are added to your widget, you have to swipe to open them.21.

To remove apps, tap any check mark next to them to remove them from the widget.22.

Tap any check icon next, then tap Remove to remove an app from the home home page widget.