Anthology: The Final Five

The Final 5: the Anthology of the 2017 MLB season.

This was the first year in which the teams in the league are not just grouped into tiers, but in order.

The AL East, NL Central, and NL West are grouped into four tiers.

In the NL, the NL West, AL East and AL Central are grouped together into one, with the other two divisions and their wildcard spots grouped together in a fifth.

The top three spots in each division are determined by the winner of the NL East, the top three are determined in the NL Central and the top four spots are determined from the AL Central.

The rest of the teams have no power-conference tiebreaker, and the teams with the fewest points at the end of the regular season are the wildcard teams.

The teams in each of those divisions were the best teams in baseball last year, so they should be good to go again this year.

The division winners in each conference will be ranked one through four, based on their total number of wins.

That’s the same system as last year: The teams that went the longest without a conference title will be at the top of the conference standings.

The four division winners will be placed in order of the most wins.

And then the rest of them will be the same.

So this is the fifth and final Anthology.

There will be five more Anthologies this year: the two Anthologies from the first half of the season, and two Anthology from the second half.

The first one will be released on June 1, and then the next one on July 2.

If you want to check out all of the Anthologies, you can find them on

The following are the Anthologues that will be available in June and July, with their respective team’s schedules: AL East: AL Central: NL East: NL West: AL West: NL Central: AL South: AL Southeast: AL North: AL Northeast: NL Midwest: NL South: NL Northwest: NL First Division: AL Eastern: NL Southwest: NL Atlantic: AL Atlantic: NL Pacific: NL Northeast: AL Midwest: AL Southwest: AL First Division