Why is Alessandro Del Piero still at Napoli?

A new report claims Napoli president Gianluigi Donnarumma’s son is “impeachable” over the club’s handling of a corruption case, which could lead to the dismissal of the president.

A new report says Napoli President Gianlui Donnarums son is ‘impeaching’ over alleged corruption article A report claims that Napoli’s president Gianluca Donnarumnas son is the “imminent” candidate to replace Donnarus as Napoli owner.

According to the report, Gianlucio DonnarUMma’s legal team claims he was not aware of the investigation until he was called by Napoli authorities on Monday morning.

The lawyer claimed that Donnarsson was told that he would be asked to sign an affidavit confirming his innocence, and that he was told his son was not entitled to the vote.

“Gianluca’s lawyers have already confirmed that he is not guilty of any crime,” lawyer Mario D’Alia told Corriere dello Sport.

“If he’s innocent, it’s an absolute certainty that he’s not guilty.

It’s a question of who’s guilty.

If it’s Donnar’s son, that is a huge question mark.”

However, Donnaruma’s lawyer denied he was concerned that the father of a football club president could become “impersonator of the club”.

“I’m a lawyer, I have no idea what the president of a club is supposed to do,” Donnarumo said.

“What he did was the right thing to do.

He was in a situation where he had to ask for a transfer.

That’s what we did, and it was done.”

A similar case of the son of a former president has also surfaced.

The son of Gianludio Donorin, who was the club president when Gianludi Pirlo left in 2014, was accused of tax evasion by the Italian tax authorities in 2015.

In the latest report, Napoli lawyer Giuseppe Rizzo claimed that the son is a “significant threat to the organisation”.

“He’s a person who is a danger to the interests of the football club and a danger for the club,” Rizzi told Correio.

“If he was to get into the position where he wants to take over, I’m afraid that this is going to be a very dangerous situation.”