Which haiti hospitals are still accepting new patients?

Posted by MNSLive.com on Tuesday, February 03, 2019 09:04:10A new wave of patients is being treated in Hawaii hospitals and clinics with high rates of infection and death.

The state is facing the worst flu season in a generation with nearly 40,000 confirmed and probable cases of the pandemic flu.

The new cases in Honolulu hospitals and other Hawaii medical facilities are far higher than the typical flu season.

Hawaii Health Department spokesman Brian Burt told MNS Live that the state is seeing an influx of patients.

“We’ve had an influx, but it’s not necessarily a rush,” he said.

“The numbers we’re seeing is actually really good compared to what we’ve seen the past few weeks.”

The department says it expects the flu season to peak at about this time next year.

But that doesn’t mean all patients are being admitted.

Some patients who have been admitted have had the flu for months and are not yet sick.

Burt said most patients who arrive in Hawaii have been in quarantine since the start of the flu pandemic.

He said some patients have not been properly vaccinated and may be returning to the community.

That means that some patients will be left untreated in their own community while others will be hospitalized.

Bets of the virus will also increase as more and more people come into the state, especially those who are ill, Burt said.

That will mean even more hospitalizations for those with chronic illnesses.

“It’s not a matter of whether people will go to the hospital.

It’s whether they’ll stay there,” he explained.”

If we’re going to have more people in the community, that means more people are going to be sick, and more illnesses.”

He said the state will be keeping the number of new cases to a minimum in the next two weeks.

The flu season is also hitting the islands of Oahu and Maui, with more than 100 confirmed and suspected cases.

The Hawaii Department of Health says the islands are already seeing a surge in cases.

Maui Health spokesman David Matsuoka said the island has seen more than 60 confirmed and possible cases of flu this season, with a high level of cases in the main downtown area and a number of isolated pockets.

Matsuoka says there is no evidence that the virus is spreading in those areas.

But the department is warning residents to keep their windows and doors closed to protect themselves from the virus.

The Department of Public Health says more than 10,000 cases have been reported in Hawaii this year.

Hawaiians who are worried about being sick with the flu should contact their doctor immediately.