Aussie Government to set up $1.2B program to help pay for NBN rollout

AUSTRALIA’S RETIREMENT RETIREMENTS REFORM COMMISSION has unveiled a $1 billion plan to fund the NBN rollout, and is now seeking public submissions for a report on its findings.

Key points:The NBN will replace copper lines, but will require a new technology called fibre to the node to connect to the InternetSource: NBN CoChairman of the RETIREES REFORM Commission, Stephen Conroy, says the $1B program will support people who currently have copper lines and are at risk of disconnection if the NBN is rolled out over the next five years.

“What we are proposing to do is we’re going to get the copper back and we’re doing that by putting the fibre to a node and then that will be a network to the next-generation of the internet,” Mr Conroy said.

“The NBN can be connected to the internet using fibre, it can be attached to a copper line, but it’s a copper-to-the-node network.”

We are looking to invest in the network infrastructure to be able to get it to the point where we can have the fibre infrastructure in place to the NBN and then have a network that will then be able be connected in the future to the fibre networks.”‘

We need to look at the economics of this’Mr Conroy says the government’s $1bn plan will cover a number of different costs and is designed to provide financial support for people who have copper, but do not currently have access to the latest NBN technology.”

It’s going to give them the option of switching to the new network, but that’s a different story to what we’re proposing,” he said.’

Not just a $400 billion plan’The RETIREes Reform Commission has proposed a new NBN plan that will replace the copper network and replace the network of fibre to provide connectivity to the Next Generation Broadband Network.

The report will look at how this network will be able provide greater speeds and reliability and also assess how it can improve the economic viability of the copper and the ability of the Government to repay the Government’s debts.”

This is a plan that we’re not just a billion-dollar plan, we’re a trillion-dollar project,” Mr Comroy said, adding that the $400-billion project was only about half the cost of the NBN.”

And so this is a trillion dollar plan.

We need to think about the economics and what is the cost to deliver the NBN, the cost in terms of the fibre, the copper line and the network,” he added.’

We’re going in with a vision’Mr Comroy also says that the Government was determined to deliver a high-quality NBN, and that the RETirees Reform commission is working with the private sector and the NBN Co to ensure that the project is built on the basis of a vision.”

When we look at it in terms the future we’re looking at, and we know that it’s going the way of the horse, this is going to be the next generation of the network, it’s not just about the $600 billion we’ve seen for the NBN in the past,” he told Nine News Breakfast.”

That’s not the future of the industry.

We are going in and we are going with a plan and we want to make sure that we deliver that vision, and I think that’s what the report is going in to do.

“The RETiree’s Reform Commission report will also look at what the Government should do about the problem of over-subscribed customers who have not yet been charged for their NBN connection, and will consider whether to make changes to the network to make it more resilient.

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