When Trump is impeached, he’s already going down in history as a hero, says WTMJ anchor Mike Mooji

By Mike Moomaw/WTMJ-TVChannel 6New York City-based WTMj-TV Channel 6 anchor Mike Malloy has been a reporter for more than 40 years and has covered national, state and local issues from the Middle East to the South, Africa, South America and Australia.

He also served as the national security correspondent for the ABC in Australia and the Washington Post.

“He’s got a reputation of being the most experienced of any reporter, which is a testament to the quality of his reporting,” Malloy told The Associated Press.

Malloy said he doesn’t think Trump is going down as a martyr, but as someone who has achieved what others couldn’t do, something he’s proud of.

Trump’s impeachment trial began last month and is expected to last for a few more months.

Trump has already faced the wrath of many Democrats and some Republicans for his response to the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August that left one counterprotester dead.

But Malloy said there’s a long way to go before a Trump impeachment trial.

If you’re a Trump critic, you have to say: ‘That’s not a good president, not a great president, a great failure, and I’m tired of seeing that,’ he said.

“And he has done that for the better part of two decades.

So he is a great success story.”

MALLOY, who will remain on WTMZ as a co-anchor and anchor of a new network called WTMK-TV in New York City, said the country has moved on since then.

He said he believes Trump is a patriot and that the president’s presidency is over.

That’s a very important thing, Malloy added.

“I think we should never underestimate a man.”