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When Cypriots first began reporting on the economic crisis, many Greeks feared that the crisis would bring about an economic collapse.

That’s when Cypriot TV channel Shiloh Live broadcasted live from the country’s capital, Nicosia, where the economic meltdown was still taking hold.

In that program, which lasted for two hours, Shilolos host Eleni Koulouros was asked what she thought about the recent news.

She said, “What is the future for Greece?”

Then she shared a list of people who have lost their jobs and were now facing a crisis.

Some of those names were prominent.

“We’ve lost a lot of good people,” Koulouloures said.

“A lot of them are in their 80s, 80s,” Kourouros said.

The country has been devastated by the economic collapse, and some have been able to find work in other sectors.

But many are still living paycheck to paycheck.

“I’m working hard for a living,” Kousouros told NBC News.

“But this is not a normal job.”

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