How to watch Cubs live broadcast on the BBC website

Here’s how to watch the Cubs live on theBBC website:Follow the BBC’s live coverage of the World Series on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

The BBC’s Twitter account has been flooded with comments from fans about how the network has treated them.

One viewer wrote: “WTF.

The Cubs won the World Championship, why not just get the BBC off our backs?


Another said: “The BBC is a disgrace and is an embarrassment to our country and its people.

Shame on you @BBC_BBC and @BBCUnesco.”

Another added: “Why didn’t they just say the Cubs won, it would have been more entertaining.”

Another user tweeted: “It wasnt the Cubs but the BBC who ruined my favourite sport.”

One viewer said: ‘You’ve ruined everything!

How dare you!”

It was not the Cubs who won the series, but the UK’s national broadcaster @BBC _BBC_who ruined my favourites sport.

Shame @BBC and #Unescomsco.

— Dan T. (@DanT_77) October 13, 2018One person wrote: ‘I can only assume they are trying to be fair by showing the series on the internet.

The people who can’t get the #bbc4live feed are not the viewers.’

One person added: ‘If they really cared about their audience, they would have gone out and bought a new home for the series.’

It is absolutely shameful that the BBC is in such a sorry state and is unable to even show the #Cubs’ live broadcast.

— Jack (@Jack_K_Kwes) October 12, 2018Another said on Twitter: ‘This isn’t a game, this is the BBC and its utter lack of judgement.’

One user added: ”I think you’re trying to make it worse by using a live feed that is not live, which makes the game look terrible.”

This is the kind of thing that people have to get used to watching for the rest of their lives.”

It is ridiculous.’

Another user said: ”You think you are being fair to the viewers, but you are not, you are a disgrace to the country and your country.’

Another added on Twitter, ‘This is just not the way to run an independent broadcaster.’

The BBC and @UnesCo should not be doing this sort of thing.’

Some users said the BBC was trying to undermine the sport by showing games on the web, while others pointed out that it is only one of many channels that have been allowed to carry the World Cup.

Some have questioned why the BBC has allowed the World Baseball Classic, the tournament that was cancelled, to be shown on BBC2 and the BBC World Cup, the event that is currently being played in the United States.

Another user pointed out on Twitter that the US cricket team has been playing in a warm-up game for the US women’s team, which is scheduled to play a match on the same day.


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