How to get started in the NBA: a quick guide

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It is a new season and the NBA is taking it seriously.

There is a real focus on players, coaches and teams, with players coming to the court with cameras in their hands.

Ahead of the league’s annual All-Star game in Orlando, Orlando Magic star Tobias Harris said the NBA was looking at new technology that would make its All-Stars live streamed and streamed more easily.

“You have to be able to put a camera on the court, and if you do that, you can put a live stream on there,” Harris said.

“That would be a great benefit.”

“The NBA is looking at using live streaming to better communicate with our fans,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said.

While live streaming is in the works, it will likely not be used by the NBA All-stars in their game.

The NBA has been experimenting with this idea for some time and it is something the league is now looking at as part of a bigger plan to make the game more accessible.

The All-star game is an opportunity for the league to connect with its fans and bring them in to see the stars play.

This is also an opportunity to make their fans feel included in the experience.

The NBA says it is taking a step forward by making its All Stars live stream and broadcasting, but it is not quite there yet.