The Powerball Live Broadcast Tonight: A Look Back at the Greatest Powerball Winners and Losers

The Powerballs are back for the second week of the NBA playoffs and for the first time ever, they’re going to be airing live.

The first Powerball lottery was held on December 3, 1992. 

Powerball Live Coverage Watch Powerball live, in HD, on a wide variety of devices including Apple TV, Roku, PlayStation Vue, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Google Chromecast Player, Roku Stick, and more. 

The Powerball is a $1 billion jackpot, the biggest jackpot in sports history. 

Every ticket sold at the jackpot value equals 1 ticket, and you can bet your hard-earned money on the outcome of the game.

The winner of the lottery will win an additional $1.6 million, and the loser will lose $400,000. 

For more Powerball coverage, head to our Powerball page. 

Here are the winners of the second-biggest jackpot ever. 


Joe Torre, New York Yankees (1.75 million tickets)2. 

David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox (1 million tickets).3. 

Carlos Beltran, New YORK Yankees (8.25 million tickets. 


Jason Heyward, Chicago White Sox (8 million tickets.)5. 

Kevin Kiermaier, Chicago Cubs (10 million tickets for the winner)6. 

Matt Holliday, Washington Nationals (15 million tickets with the first prize going to the first runner-up in the NLDS.)7. 

Tommy Joseph, Kansas City Royals (15.5 million tickets, the first ticket to win a million-dollar jackpot goes to the winner of Game 5 of the World Series)8. 

Brandon Phillips, Detroit Tigers (25 million ticket to the World Baseball Classic)9. 

Alex Gordon, Kansas United (50 million tickets to the All-Star Game)10. 

A.J. Burnett, Oakland Athletics (55 million tickets; the first one-third of all tickets sold to the game goes to that first-place winner)11. 

Randy Johnson, St. Louis Cardinals (65 million tickets )12. 

Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers (85 million tickets13. 

Mark Ellis, Philadelphia Phillies (110 million tickets — tickets for which go to the top finisher in the World Cup)14. 

Bryce Harper, Washington Wizards (140 million tickets15. 

Michael Brantley, Boston Bruins (145 million tickets 16. 

Drew Stubbs, Minnesota Twins (150 million tickets17. 

Kurt Suzuki, Tampa Bay Rays (155 million tickets 18. 

Troy Tulowitzki, Los Angeles Dodgers (165 million tickets19. 

Anthony Rendon, Cleveland Indians (170 million tickets20. 

Tyler Anderson, Toronto Blue Jays (180 million tickets21. 

Adam Eaton, Washington Capitals (195 million tickets22. 

Carson Bumgarner, Los Angels (205 million tickets23. 

Juan Lagares, New Orleans Pelicans (210 million tickets24. 

Evan Fournier, Miami Marlins (215 million tickets25. 

Kyle Schwarber, Chicago Bulls (225 million tickets26. 

Andrew McCutchen, Chicago Blue Jays 27. 

Jose Bautista, Toronto White Sox 28. 

Jordan Zimmermann, Chicago Cubbers29. 

Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Lions30. 

Justin Upton, Detroit Red Wings31. 

Hunter Pence, Chicago Bears 32. 

Ben Zobrist, New Jersey Mets 33. 

Dustin Pedroia, St Louis Cardinals34. 

Marcell Ozuna, Atlanta Braves35. 

Josh Donaldson, Toronto Maple Leafs 36. 

Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Dolphins37. 

Scott Kazmir, New England Patriots38. 

Max Scherzer, Washington Tigers39. 

Luis Severino, New Hampshire Twins40. 

Logan Morrison, Detroit Pistons


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