How to fix a wall builder’s “lazy” internet connection

A wall builder in Georgia is calling for a new solution after his home was hit by a flood.

Joe Cascio has lived in the home for nearly two years, but when he first started looking for a replacement for his house, he was left wondering why the internet wasn’t working.

“It’s been over a month since I last checked my internet and I’ve never seen anything, and I haven’t seen anything that’s even remotely working like that,” Cascia told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The home he’s lived in for the last two years is on the banks of the Tanglewood River.

That means it has a leaky roof, and it’s been leaking for months.

Casci has a “very hard” internet, but he says the company he has been using to pay his bill for the past year hasn’t been able to keep up.

Cascio says the internet connection he’s using is a Cisco switch, which is a router that connects to the internet.

“I don’t have a cable modem,” Caccio said.

“I don- I mean, I have a router.

I have no internet.

And I have to do a lot of stuff.”

Cascia says he’s been trying to get the company to replace the internet, to no avail.

He says they’ve had to pay him $600 a month for about a year to keep the internet up.

Cacci has also been using the company’s website, which says he has an internet connection, to pay for his bills, and that they’re going to replace his router.

But Cascie says that’s not enough.

He says he is worried about his home and his kids.

“They have their safety and their safety, their health and their health, and they’re getting old,” Casca said.

“The internet’s going to be the big problem that’s going down the drain.”

Casca has been looking for another internet provider for a while, but says he didn’t see much about him online.

“For the past couple of months, I haven, I’m not even on Facebook, and nobody even knows who I am,” he said.

He’s not alone.

Other WallBuilders have also been finding themselves in similar situations.

The company that runs, the website for the company, says it can’t keep up with the demand for services like web hosting and domain names.

In a statement, WallBuild’s website says that “the current state of the internet infrastructure and the sheer number of internet users worldwide is creating a new challenge for our infrastructure.”

The company says they’re working with other Internet service providers and hosting companies to get more service for their customers.

The statement says the network is up and running, but that there are still “significant challenges” to overcome.


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