How much does it cost to get a home in Cyprus?

It can cost up to €8,000 a month, and is a much higher price than most people would have been willing to pay for a one-bedroom apartment in their home city.

And even if they could afford it, they would likely struggle to make ends meet.

Cyprus has one of the lowest median household incomes in Europe, and most people do not own a car.

With the unemployment rate running at 18.9%, it is easy to see why many people donot have the funds to afford to buy a home.

And while the cost of living in Cyprus is one of Europe’s lowest, it is not cheap.

For one, it takes more than €1,000 to buy one property in Cyprus.

With that kind of money, you would have to pay around €3,000 for a two-bedroom, two-bath house in the capital Nicosia.

If you are not able to afford that, you can buy an apartment in Cyprus for around €1.2 million.

But, even then, the rental rate is often cheaper, and many would have difficulty renting even the cheapest property in Nicosie.

What to do if you do not have the money for a house?

One option is to rent an apartment.

The cost of renting in Cyprus ranges from around €200 per month to around €600 per month, according to the National Council of Welfare and Development.

Renting an apartment will cost around €2,000, but it would take around two weeks to make a deposit of €3.50, according the Cyprus Real Estate Association.

You could also take out a loan, but you would probably not have a good chance of getting the interest you are paying on the loan.

The cheapest option is a one bedroom apartment, but the monthly cost could reach up to as much as €12,000.

The monthly rent would be around €300, but that would take at least two months to pay off.

For example, if you wanted to rent a one room apartment in the city of Nicos, you could pay around 50 euros a month for a single-bed room in a four-bedroom house.

You would have the ability to make the payments for four months, but only pay for the first two months, which would cost you around €9,000 in the first year.

If you had to pay €12 per month for one year, you only would have made the payment of €7,600.

This would mean that you would only have to make payments on a monthly basis, and you would be able to save about €1 million per year.

But if you want to rent the same apartment in your home city, you might have to find another place.

For example, in the eastern city of Sidi Reze, there are two apartments available.

The first one costs around €400 per month and you can pay up to 20 percent of the rent each month for three months.

The second apartment costs around half of that amount and you will have to repay the rest of the money on a daily basis.

So, if your monthly rent is €400, you will only have a chance of making payments on time.

This is the situation in the smaller cities of Viana and Sotolios, where there are no other apartments available for rent.

The most affordable option is the two bedroom apartment.

This is a luxury property located in a beautiful neighbourhood, where the rent is low.

The rent for the unit is around €5,500 per month.

The apartment itself is located in the central part of the city, but, due to the proximity to other places, it would be a good idea to find a room in the suburb, where it would cost less than half of the price in the larger city.

There are many other affordable apartments that can be rented in Nicusia, but many people have difficulties finding apartments in Niciosia.

So if you are looking for a place to live in Cyprus, you should consider whether you want a one or two bedroom, or if you would like to find somewhere else in the country, such as in another EU country.

If there is a good vacancy, then it is probably cheaper to rent in the bigger cities of Cyprus.

You will pay around twice the amount for a rental of a two bedroom in Nicousia compared to the bigger city of Sinope, which has around seven apartments for rent in that city.

You should also look into the possibility of renting a small apartment.

A two bedroom or a one bathroom apartment in Nicovina is often rented for around two hundred euro per month per person.

The one bedroom is also often cheaper than the two bedrooms.

If renting a one unit apartment in Sinope costs around four hundred euros per month ($540), you will be paying around twice that amount per month if renting a two unit apartment.

If the rental is not a good fit, then renting an apartment might be cheaper in other