Watch the Steelers’ comeback win over the Rams

The Steelers’ win over Los Angeles Rams was a moment of pride for the team and the city. 

For those that didn’t see the game live, here’s what happened on Saturday night. 

The Steelers came into the game as the top seed in the AFC North. 

Their playoff chances were good, and they had to overcome the Rams’ run game to come out on top. 

With their defense down two sacks to the Rams defense, Pittsburgh was able to force turnovers and move the ball. 

While they did get away with one turnover, the Steelers were able to score on four straight possessions. 

On the next play, the Rams ran out the clock and had a first down. 

However, when the clock expired, Pittsburgh’s offense stalled and needed to punt. 

Punt returns are tricky to score, so the Steelers needed to get their defense to stop the clock. 

After the kick, the Chargers returned the ball 30 yards to the Pittsburgh 37. 

As a result, the ball was returned for a touchdown. 

Pittsburgh was able get a first and goal from the 20-yard line. 

Then, the offense hit a third down.

Pittsburgh got another first down on a punt.

The Chargers were able run out the game with less than three minutes remaining, and the Steelers finally got to take the field. 

This was a game of big plays and big wins. 

I love the Steelers and I really like the players that they have. 

When the playoffs come around, the players and coaching staff will have the opportunity to be the first to celebrate. 

A lot of teams that make the playoffs in the NFL are going to be remembered for their big plays. 

But the Steelers have a long way to go to get to that point.