Why you need to tune in for the best fish video of the year: the fish in the video

This is one of the most watched videos of the whole year, and it’s been making the rounds for months.

But it’s also been made a little controversial.

It’s the footage of a whale diving into the ocean to catch fish, and the footage was taken by an underwater camera that’s been used by scientists to observe whales and dolphins.

The video has been criticized for its sensationalism, as well as for the way the whales are captured on film.

The footage has been shared more than 2.7 million times on YouTube.

Now, we want to know if the video is as good as you think it is.

Read on to find out how the whales look, what’s really going on underwater, and why you should watch it.

Whales are in the spotlight in a new video This is the first video of its kind, and you might be wondering what you should see.

The fish are caught by the whales, and then a team of researchers are there to take photos.

The whales have to be in the water to get the photos, so they have to keep moving.

If the whales want to dive into the water and grab the fish, the researchers have to stay in the camera’s field of view to catch them.

In this particular video, the whale can be seen in the background, looking up to the camera.

The whale dives into the sea and catches fish, but there’s another way that the video captures that.

The camera is underwater, but the whale isn’t.

It has to stay above water, so it can see the bottom of the sea.

The ocean floor is flat, so the whales can see through the water.

The cameras is a high-tech piece of equipment, but it has some serious problems.

In addition to the fact that it’s underwater, the camera is very unstable.

The cables that connect it to the boat aren’t very stable, so a lot of the footage is distorted.

If you’re trying to take a video of a seal, for example, you might not have the footage that you want.

And the whales don’t really dive down into the bottom to catch the fish.

Instead, they dive up to 30 meters, which is a bit too far for the camera to capture.

The problem is that they can’t swim down that far, because they’re not very fast.

This is because the whales have a large head.

They have two large heads that can be very close together.

The big whale is so big that the other two heads are almost touching.

This causes the camera lens to be tilted to the side, making it impossible to see all the way down into water.

If they’re still able to dive down, they will have to dive up again to catch more fish.

This makes the footage a little blurry.

This video also seems to be a little too long.

The length is a little surprising.

You can see in the first few seconds of the video, you can see a whale dive down in the sea for several minutes, and in the next few seconds the whale dives up for another few minutes.

It looks like the whales didn’t get very far in the beginning.

In fact, the footage starts out quite long.

But then the whales dive down and catch the second fish.

It starts out at just over two minutes and 20 seconds.

You’ll notice that it ends up being shorter, as you’ll see in some of the comments.

This might be due to the whales not diving down so much as the whales diving back up.

The end of the whale video ends with a huge boom, as the camera moves up and out of the water, and we can see that the whale’s head has come off.

This would be good for the whale because it’s much closer to the viewer than a camera.

If we take a look at the underwater footage again, you’ll notice the whale is no longer at the bottom.

Instead it’s in the air, and looking up at us.

The image above shows the whale in its full glory, in the open ocean.

The other fish are on the surface.

The second fish is at the end of this video, and he’s the one that’s actually catching the fish on camera.

He’s actually going for a dive.

The way that they catch the first fish is that the whales use their fins to grab the next fish and hold it in place.

The catch is a big, round piece of fish.

The first fish comes out of his mouth and catches the second one.

This fish is the best of the bunch, because it has a nice, big head.

It also has the ability to dive for several meters.

This second fish gets caught on the camera, too, and ends up with a very big catch.

It is very big and has a lot more weight than the first one.

But there’s also another catch for this fish.

Because it’s still underwater, it can still see the fish’s mouth. So it


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