How to get your hands on an Android Wear smartwatch

You have probably heard the term ‘wearable device’.

It’s a term that is often associated with watches and smartwatches, and often used to describe a wearable device that uses the Android Wear platform.

But what if you have one of those?

The Samsung Gear Fit2 is the latest smartwatch on the market, and it’s the first smartwatch to offer a dedicated Google Play store.

Its price tag is around £800, but the Gear Fit 2 can also be pre-ordered from the Google Play Store.

You can pick up the Gear 2 from Google Play, or from your local retailer.

The Gear Fit is a ‘wearables-first’ smartwatch.

It uses the Samsung Android Wear Platform, and the Gear Connect app to connect to your phone and access the phone’s GPS, heart rate sensor and other sensors, allowing it to track your steps, heart rates and sleep.

The Gear Connect uses Google’s Android Wear Connect service, which allows you to control your smartwatch with the Google Assistant.

Like other smartwears, the Gear Flex is a device that offers access to Google Play.

It’s available in both black and white, and can be pre ordered from the Amazon UK Store.

The Gear Flex has an LED screen, and a microUSB port that can be used to charge a mobile phone.

It offers a range of smart features.

In the case of the Gear, you can access your Google account and log in to it, and you can also control your watch with the Gear’s smartwatch app. 

It’s also worth noting that if you buy the Gear2 directly from Amazon UK, the service will be limited to one device per customer, so you won’t be able to use your phone to control the Gear.

You can find out more about the GearFit and Gear Connect here.

The Samsung SmartWatch 4 is a more expensive smartwatch, and has a slightly more premium look to it.

It also offers a dedicated Android Wear service, and Samsung’s ‘Android Wear Connect’ service.

It can be bought from Samsung UK, or pre-ordering from Amazon US.

The Huawei Watch is the first Android Wear watch to offer an app store, and is available to buy directly from Huawei.

Huawei also sells the Huawei Watch Pro.

The Pebble Time Steel and the Pebble Time 3 are Android Wear watches that offer a separate app store and are not connected to the Google Wear platform, but both offer Bluetooth Smart support and can run a range and accessories on your smart phone.