How to buy the BBC’s most expensive music subscription

Live video from live ballet broadcasts and concerts, live sports, and more are available to buy in the BBC Music catalogue, the broadcaster has revealed.

The subscription fee of £1,999.99 a year is a whopping £3,500 a month, and the majority of the cost is covered by a one-off £100 deposit.

However, the subscription comes with some restrictions, and you have to be a BBC Music subscriber to access the content.

If you subscribe to live ballet, you’ll have access to all the live video you’ve ever wanted, including the UK’s most popular ballet and classical ballet.

The BBC Music subscription is also designed to be compatible with BBC iPlayer, allowing you to watch BBC iPLAY videos from the BBC, as well as the BBC News app.

You can also access all the music from BBC iPlay and the BBC Sport app, and access the BBC iListen service to listen to BBC iMusic.

The £1.99 price tag also includes a 20GB storage limit and no advertising.

There’s also a £10 discount for anyone who buys through the BBC Mobile app.

To view the full list of live videos from BBC Live, the BBC said: “There are around 10 live ballet performances from the UK each month, as the ballet is one of the most popular forms of live entertainment in the UK.”BBC Live broadcasts also feature the likes of Beethoven, Haydn, and Mozart, as do the BBC World Service and Radio 4’s World Service.

To get the best out of your £1 a month BBC Music service, you can always access BBC iView, BBC iPods and the app of your choice.” “

We have an eclectic range of live musical acts from the likes, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, and Sting to the likes Of Monsters and Men, Elton John, and Neil Young, to name a few.”

To get the best out of your £1 a month BBC Music service, you can always access BBC iView, BBC iPods and the app of your choice.

“For all the latest BBC news, video and podcasts, subscribe to our  BBC News blog.


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