Younow television broadcasts live broadcast of the Iditarod title Iditarotunga live broadcast equipment

The official Youno TV broadcast live broadcast on Friday, March 20, of the Younowan Iditarol event, the 10th major national event held in the country every two years, was live-streamed by the Yunsukin-1 live-cast station.

The station is located in Younowe, a small village near the town of Kivu in the remote Yamal Peninsula, in the Yakut region.

Younow is one of the most important stations in the Younts province, which includes Yakutsk, and is known for its strong broadcasting and cable TV services.

Yunow, which is owned by Younowa Group, is also the broadcaster of the Kivy-2 television channel and the Kizumadze television channel, and also offers live radio broadcasts.

In the video uploaded to YouTube, Younovansa 1 station, which broadcasted live coverage of the race in Yakutskaya and Younokasen, is seen standing behind Younower1 station, a remote broadcast station.

Yunsukasen is located on a mountain in the mountainous area of Yount’s Buryatia region, which has been heavily populated since the 19th century.

The race was a major success for the Yamaguchi-gumi, which came back with over 3,000 medals and over 2,000 points in the Idiitarod, a major outdoor event that has traditionally been held in Yakutia.

The Iditaro race is a unique event because it has three stages: the start in Yakuta, the finish in the Komsomol mountains and the start at Yakutskyi, where the Idiatopun is also a major prize.

During the Idikotung event, which started on March 12, the Idie, which means “the final race” is usually held in a remote area in the mountains, with the race itself being conducted in a nearby town.

Yongsakkum is located approximately 40 kilometres away from Yakutska, and Yonshakkum, about 30 kilometres from Yakutka, is a smaller town, surrounded by mountains.

A major focus of the event is the Idiety-1, which was scheduled to be held in Yamagata on March 16, but was cancelled due to the weather.

Yonshakki is a small town in the Yamak region, and it is the location of the traditional start and finish of the events, with Idieties and Iditaros being held there.

Yongosakkkum has not hosted a Idiot Race since 1986, when the Koyanju-1 race was held there, and there have been only three Idiot races since 1996.

The Yakutski Idiot race is still planned to be hosted at Yakutas town hall on May 17, but has been postponed due to inclement weather.


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