When you get a ‘big deal’ from AccuWeather: The weather agency’s big day comes with a big price tag

Accuweather has just confirmed that it will be selling a deal with the government for an estimated $100 million over the next five years.

The news comes after the company was accused of manipulating data in order to boost its forecasts, which have often been understated.

According to Reuters, the government will be paid $100m by Accu for the “largest single sale of weather data in history.”

The government has previously asked Accu to explain its actions.

Accu says it is reviewing its weather forecasts.

Read more about the deal at Reuters:¬†Accuweather said the deal will “allow Accu Weather to build upon its existing investment in its forecast capabilities.”¬†

The government said the price tag is based on the value of forecast data from Accusys National Weather Forecast Network, and that it does not include the cost of any forecast updates.

Accusy previously paid $1.7 billion to acquire Weather Network, but has said it has no plans to sell Weather Network.

The deal is expected to close in the first half of 2019.

Accurys CEO Jim O’Leary told Reuters that the deal was “very significant” and that the company had “big plans for the future.”

The deal comes as Accu announced that it has sold another $4 billion worth of weather assets, including weather stations and cloud data.

Accumulating weather data for a variety of applications is a lucrative business for Accu, which has said that it aims to double revenue in 2019.