Five key facts about the 2016 election

In addition to the new national polls, the president is also expected to sign legislation to extend the unemployment benefits program.

The president’s budget, unveiled on Wednesday, would allow the government to provide benefits to nearly 2 million people.

The unemployment benefits are paid to people who are jobless but still working.

This week, the Labor Department said that as many as 14 million people could receive benefits this month.

The Labor Department also said that people could qualify for unemployment benefits for six months or more.

Trump has said that the benefits are not part of the normal unemployment benefit system, though they have been available since March.

He has also called for the Department of Homeland Security to help with the implementation of the programs.

In his budget speech, Trump proposed funding $4.6 billion for the National Guard to bolster the nation’s borders and to help deal with a surge of illegal immigration from Central America.

He also called on the Department “to hire and train more Border Patrol agents and officers” and increase the number of ICE agents.

Trump also proposed funding for “more funding to protect and serve the American people and border patrol” and “a new National Guard Reserve that will be fully equipped, trained, and supported to support this new reserve force.”

Trump has also proposed $100 million to upgrade schools.

The President also announced the creation of a new department called the Bureau of National Economic Research to provide “a comprehensive economic policy analysis that will guide the Department for decades to come.”

Trump also announced a $1 billion increase in the budget for the Defense Department, which he called “the single largest military expenditure in the history of the United States.”

He also asked for $1.9 billion for military infrastructure and $1 trillion for the “National Guard Reserve.”

In addition, Trump ordered the Department to develop a “plan to address the threats to the homeland and American interests posed by emerging cyber threats.”

The budget would also give the Treasury Department a $400 million budget increase, while the Department would receive $2.9 million in new funds to help pay for the government’s infrastructure.

The budget included $200 million for a new agency to protect American taxpayers, including $100,000 for the Office of the Inspector General.

The Department of Agriculture will also receive $600 million for the Agricultural Risk Management Agency.

The National Institutes of Health will receive $200,000, while $1 million is set aside for the Bureau for the Study of Organisms, the National Institutes for Food and Drug Administration will receive a $150,000 appropriation for the American Lung Association, and $300,000 is set for the International Trade Commission.

The Trump administration also requested $500 million for “transportation safety and security.”

In a speech to the Republican National Convention, Trump said that he is not a big fan of “a bloated bureaucracy” and that “government is not the solution to all our problems.”

He called on lawmakers to pass legislation that would “make our government more accountable, more transparent, and more accountable for its actions.”

But Trump also criticized the Obama administration’s handling of the 2016 presidential election.

Trump said the 2016 electoral college result was a “sham election” and called for “an honest and fair election.”

Trump said in his speech that “we will not let anyone cheat us” and noted that the election was “rigged.”

He said he would “be honest, and I’ll say it again, and that’s right now,” he will ask his supporters to vote for him to “get the government out of your pocketbook and out of the pockets of the billionaires.”

Trump was not asked about the new reports of Russian interference in the election or about his administration’s investigation into Russian election meddling.

Trump did not address the issue of his alleged ties to Russia.

Instead, he criticized Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for not having enough votes to win the election.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.